Volunteer FAQ

Why does MARCHES need volunteers?

MARCHES is a member‐driven organization that needs volunteer like you to help make hearing intervention and speech therapy accessible to Malaysians from all walks of life.

How can I be a volunteer of MARCHES?

To join us, simply fill out the online application form, tell us what your skills or interests are, and submit!

What are the skills that MARCHES looks for in a volunteer?

We believe that there are volunteer roles to suit everyone. As a volunteer, you may assist us in various ways, including administrative work and participating in fundraising events or charitable hearing or speech‐language therapy campaigns. The different types of voluntary roles that MARCHES needs are listed in the application form. Please select those that are relevant to you.

What are the selection criteria for being a volunteer of MARCHES?

Yes, as long as you have the passion to volunteer, any person irrespective of race, religion, gender or professions will be you will be considered. Children below the age of eighteen and below will have to submit a parental consent together with their application form.

MARCHES is serious about protecting the cause of our organisation and all individuals who contribute to our cause. Therefore, we have the right to immediately remove any volunteer who appears as violating our cause or as threatening to other contributers of MARCHES.

Will I be guaranteed an opportunity to volunteer with MARCHES if I submit an application form?

 Your application will be reviewed and is subject to final approval from MARCHES. We reserve the right to accept or reject any volunteer registration. 

What happens after I submit my application form?

MARCHES will review your application and send you the result of our review through email. Your name and contact details will be stored in our database of volunteers and we will contact you through email or phone call when there are events in which your skills and interests will fit in. We expect all our volunteers to abide by our rules and regulations. The roles and responsibilities of a volunteer are indicated in the Volunteer Guidelines which will be issued to you at the beginning of each volunteering event. MARCHES has the rights to expel or suspend any volunteer who has been found guilty of misconduct.

What can I gain from volunteering with MARCHES?

There are many reasons to volunteer. In return for your time and support, we offer you opportunities to:-
– Learn new skills, knowledge and experience.
– Develop existing skills, knowledge and experience.
– Find new passions.
– Meet new people and network.
– Contribute to a good cause.
– Make an invaluable difference.
– Have fun!

Do volunteers get voting rights in MARCHES?

No, volunteers cannot vote and participate in MARCHES ‘governance. Please consider getting a membership with MARCHES if you are interested in serving as a committee of the organisation. Members are required to pay membership fee.

Will I get any form of payment or remuneration as a volunteer?

MARCHES does not provide full‐form payment for your voluntary contribution. However, depending on the sponsorship that MARCHES obtains for the event that you’ll be participating in, MARCHES may reward you with a token of appreciation.

Does MARCHES provide training to volunteers?

We request that you share our vision and mission and understand the objectives of the event that you will participate in. Training is provided on an event‐by‐event basis and according to your participating role. On occasions where training is not needed, MARCHES provides briefing about the event, your participating roles and other relevant matters.

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