Our Team

Poh Boon Fong

Achievement: Boon Fong initiated the first “Better Hearing & Speech In May” (BHS) awareness campaign in Malaysia in 2004. The campaign aimed to provide early diagnosis and intervention to those suffering from speech-language and hearing problems. Throughout the month of May, the team provided free speech-language and hearing assessment to the public. Due to the success of the campaign, MASH adopted BHS in 2006 and since then, BHS has been celebrated nationwide in Malaysia. Boon Fong is also part of the team that started the Cochlear Implant Programme in the Northern Region in 2005, bringing the gift of hearing and a new light of hope to the hearing impaired community.

Carmen Ooi Chia Wen
Speech-Language Therapist

Achievement: Carmen was elected as the President of The Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing (MASH) from 2006 to 2008. During the presidency, her committee initiated the inaugural National Better Hearing and Speech month campaign which is ran until today.

Dr Wong Tze Peng
Speech-language Pathologist

Achievement: Tze Peng has worked as a speech-language pathologist in centre-based, hospital-based and home-based settings in the Klang Valley since 2003. She was also involved in research studies that investigate children’s conversational skills with their caregivers and their speech-language pathologists.

Dr Phoon Hooi San
Postdoctoral Fellow

Achievement: Hooi San 10 years of clinical experience in assessing and treating individuals with speech-language impairments; published a number of speech-language related research articles in refereed journals; specializes in speech assessment for the multilingual children in Malaysian.

Zenne T’ng Kuan Chen
Principal Speech Therapist

Achievement: Zenne is working in a restructured hospital in Singapore, serving adults with speech, language and swallowing disorders. She is COMPASS® trained and a competent clinical educator for the Master of Science (Speech and language pathology) at National University of Singapore since 2009. She is actively involved in clinical quality improvement projects which aim to improve clinical practices and work processes in the hospital. She is also involved in research related to dysphagia management in stroke population.