Presenting to you our lovely notebook, Unconditional Love❤️
Not your ordinary notebook, it is interlaced with messages from caregivers of children with special needs.
You can get it now at RM10 per book (not including shipment). If you would like to purchase, do PM us.

Little Angel
(Broken Wing)

We could understand the difficulties and challenges faced by someone who lived without an arm or a leg. Majority of us won’t understand people who suffered from hearing and/or speech-language disability. They are not able to express themselves easily through communication, and they are also not able to understand our words.

People who suffered from hearing and/or speech-language disability will prefer to stay at home than meeting strangers. When they are trying to communicate with strangers whom have no idea on language disability, misunderstanding/ miscommunication may occur, yet they are not able to defend themselves and cause unhappiness.


Malaysian Resource Centre for Hearing and Speech-Language (MARCHES) is a non-profit organization which envisions that all individuals with hearing and/or speech-language disability. This book that we have here is about the life experiences and challenges faced by families with hearing and/or speech-language disabilities children. We hope readers could feel the families and by understanding them, could help to reduce their road blocks and pressure in the society.

This book is selling at RM18, with postage charge will be additional charges of RM6. Readers who are interested to purchase this book, could bank in to ACC no. 3178103518 (Public Bank Berhad), Pertubuhan Pendengaran and Pertuturan Malaysia. After bank in please do email your (1) delivery address, (2) contact number, and (3) bank in receipt at . We will be able to send the book to you in 2 weeks time.

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