At Work

Why should you employ someone with autism?

Given the right support and environment, individuals with autism can be exceptionally good at work.  Amongst the strengths exhibited by them are:

  • Pay good attention to details
  • Show high level of concerntration
  • Honest and loyal
  • Exhibit technical/special interests such as having detailed factual knowledge
  • And many more, once you know them better!


Support your employee or colleague with Autism by…


Being empathetic to the person’s communication difficulties

Giving concise and specific instructions, instead of saying ‘Come in early tomorrow’, say “Come in at 8 am tomorrow.”

Checking in if the person has understood your intentions, you can ask “Please tell me what I’d like you to do?”

Helping the person to prioritize and organize tasks

Giving honest, constructive and positive feedback

Reassuring the person in stressful situations

Enjoying the person’s companionship at work

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